Phalcon PHP: Just another PHP framework or something with an edge?

By / May 1, 2017 /

PHP frameworks come as a long list with full stack frameworks having validation components, ORMs to micro frameworks which offer a little more than the routine functionality. All the frameworks claim they are different in one way or the other on parameters of high speed, amazing syntax or exceptional documentation. One of the frameworks is Phalcon, which seems to actually satisfy the claims made to be different from the lot. Let’s analyze how it is different.

Digging deeper into Phalcon PHP

Phalcon PHP is not just another package that you download; rather it is a PHP module written in C language. Phalcon was released way back in 2012 and has been on the favorite list of many developers because of the functionality served. It is an open source framework, licensed under BSD License. Since, it is a module written in C and unlike other extensions, it is implemented as a web server extension, it is considered as one of the fastest frameworks available. Another highlight here is that Phalcon PHP does not need very long operations with PHP files and it does not need interpretation at every request. It actually consumes very few resources as it is loaded into RAM once, when the web server is started.

What makes it so special?

Phalcon PHP is one of the most liked frameworks, here’s why:

Phalcon supports both full stack and Micro

Phalcon PHP supports both full stack and micro frameworks. It is possible to create either a full stack or a micro application using Phalcon PHP. Generally, MVC frameworks are of two types, full stack (like Symfony, Yii, etc.) and micro frameworks (like Silex, Lumen, etc.). For projects, which provide more functionality full stack frameworks are a good choice. However, they need more time to run and more qualifications. For projects which need creation of lightweight prototypes and are needed quickly, micro frameworks with less functionality and better performance work better. Phalcon PHP supports both of these frameworks, which is why it is a top choice of most developers.

Better to use and speeds up work

Phalcon PHP framework is a top choice of several developers because of the speed it stands for and the comfort of using it. The underlying reason for the same is, Phalcon’s source is well maintained and insightful.

Maintenance isn’t a problem

Phalcon PHP framework is easy to maintain as it has very well structured files with intuitive code. This gives it an edge over others and makes it a comparatively better choice.

It’s different and for the good

Phalcon PHP framework has the following other advantage that makes it unique and it is all for the good:

  • The code is compiled and there is no interpretation to it.
  • Phalcon provides comparatively lower overheads for the MVC based applications.
  • It offers better speed than other available frameworks.
  • The ready to use extensions can be used by any applications that are provided by classes and functions.
  • The C extensions are loaded one time on the web server.

Does Phalcon hold a good land with PHP?

Phalcon offers template engine, micro application front controller, ORM (Object Related Mapping), query language, amazing documentation and more. This fits well with the popularity of this PHP framework. The underlying truth, which most PHP Developers believe is that the language, does not work well when the load is huge and the traffic is high. Phalcon has a major advantage here and holds a good land with PHP.

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