Parking issues highlight the call for smart parking solutions!

By / March 27, 2017 /

“The search for a suitable parking space for vehicles burns about one million barrels of the world’s oil every day!

Consider this and try to figure out what exactly the cause is and what can be done to improve the parking situation? The first thing that strikes our mind is to move towards a smart parking solution and not just save the world’s precious resources but also the time, effort and energy involved in the search for parking space. A major part of the urban congestion is caused by drivers cruising for a suitable parking space. It is for this reason clubbed with the uncertainty of availability of parking and payment that are pushing councils across the world to considering smart parking not just as an option but as an essential part of the infrastructural development of the place.

Smart parking is a desideratum, why?

There is a need to implement smart parking solutions for several reasons, some of them being:

Environmental effect: Smart parking solutions help reduce pollution by saving the extra gallons of fuel that would be burnt if people continue to use the traditional ways to park. The considerable reduction in the emission of harmful chemicals is a plus point that is urging the need for a smart parking solution not just at the state level but also in mall parking and other places.

Optimizing parking: Smart parking solutions help optimize parking and thus reduce traffic congestions. Enhanced safety, reduced traffic and better management of parking are some of the other benefits that accrue with the usage of smart parking solutions.

Better Experience: The overall user experience is enhanced as smart parking not only saves the time and effort of users while parking their vehicle but also helps in reducing the frustration involved in the search for a suitable parking space.
Enhanced Revenues: Though a smart parking solution has some cost involved in the initial set up, the same is very well recovered with reduced management cost and better parking. The enhancement in revenues as compared to the traditional ways to park can very well be observed within a short span of implementing the solution. Smart Parking enables real time monitoring and managing of available parking space, which results in significant revenue generation.

Enables better decision making: The availability of precise and accurate parking data enables better decision making for future. Real-time data and trend insight helps in the overall management.

It’s easier said than done, why?

There are several challenges that come across when it comes to actually having a smart poarking solution. Some of the pain points being:

Accepting change: The traditional ways to park have been very tightly ingrained in our system and accepting change is not an easy task. Parking a vehicle has always been considered as an at the moment task with payment of small amount of cash once the service is utilized. Breaking this and spreading the word about the pros of a smart parking solution not just for the owner of the place but also for the user and the environment as a whole is very essential.

Availability of reliable vendors is a question mark: The potential of the car parking industry is huge and this is one of the reasons why several players have jumped in to exploit the humungous prospective here. It is for this reason that it has become difficult to find a reliable vendor that not only helps in the easy installation of a smart parking solution but also helps in the transition phase from traditional to smart.

The Solution

It is very necessary to find a reliable vendor when it comes to installation of a smart parking solution. The robust system of Miracle’s Smart Parking solutions is easy to install and provides easy access to the users. It comes with an amazing interface, that makes it very easy for the users to use it and reduce the time, effort and cost involved in parking their vehicles. Having a strong foothold in the IoT arena, Miracle’s brand commitment is always to provide an amazing experience to its customers.

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