One size does not fit all! Go for Custom Software Development!

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The warmth of the technical innovation fire is very well felt by many organizations across industries, which are left with technical adaptation as the only way to ease back and implement growth and expansion plans. Such organizations need to take a major decision i.e. to go for a Custom Software Development solution or Commercial Off-The-Shelf solutions (COTS). To make it simple, whether to buy or build is what needs an answer. Though the organizations feel that the decision is solely based on the cost, it is more to do with the long term effects of the choice. Here are a few questions that answer why custom software development is a better choice:

Does one size fits all?

With custom software development, you get a solution for your exact requirement. Rather than trying to fit your organizations’ needs to COTS and adapting there, it is better to get one made as per the needs of the organization. Custom software is designed based on a thorough understanding of the current as well as the future needs of the organization. Thus, the base is much stronger there.

What security level do you get?

Custom software developed for an organization is any day better in terms of security as compared to any off the shelf solution. The main reason for the same is that custom software is developed keeping the needs of the organization in mind and is less vulnerable to any sort of hacking or other such activities.

Does your decision give you a competitive edge?

Think from this point of view that when an organization buys an off the shelf software, it is making an investment in their business. However, investing in its own custom software creates an asset for the organization, which it can utilize in any way it wants, by licensing or selling or customizing or doing anything else. This will give the organization a better brand identity, which will help in giving it a cult over the competitors.

What are you paying for?

By investing in COTS, chances are that you are paying for several unwanted features, since these are made keeping in mind the requirements of a wider range of audience. Paying for features, you will never use is an additional burden not only as an initial cost but also with respect to the cost of employee training, etc.

Are your key requirements available?

While looking at a COTS solution, many organizations try and identify the best fit for them. They might leave aside some of the unimportant features just to settle on the nearest software available. This might be problematic in the long run, as the organization might need those features in the time to come.

What happens to the integration?

In today’s world where technology is evolving fast, it is vital for the organization to check if the pre packaged software has the ability to integrate seamlessly with the system already in place for the organization. Custom software provides better scope of adjustment and integration.


Though COTS has a lower initial investment, it often involves a continuous expense for the organization. If you are looking to realize a vision and not to fit in someone else’s vision, it is always beneficial to go for a custom software development to enhance productivity, efficiency and overall output of the organization. However, once you make a decision in this respect, it is very important to choose the right custom software development company as this decision will affect how good or bad the outcome is. You can check these tips to hire a reliable software development company.

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