Simplify .Net Development with these 11 amazing tools!

By / August 23, 2016 /

Many companies hire .NET developers to get their projects completed successfully on time. There are many .NET development tools out there in the market that can make the lives of developers easier. Various companies employ these tools while building, testing, debugging and deploying .NET applications. Let’s have a look at some of these tools.


It is used to test the request and response in the channels of communication. It is beneficial when there isn’t any debugging through Visual Studio. You can use Fiddler to debug the remote WEB API and WCF. You can alter the request information and test the response delivered from the server by employing this tool.



Resharper offers suggestions for the improvement in the code and is a plugin to Visual Studio. It provides the facilities of code formatting, code refactoring and automatically creates the code of property variables, methods and proposals for improving the already used codes. It also gives warnings for developers when the code appears wrong and improves the thinking of developer too.


ANTS Profiler

One of the tools used to search memory leaks in the applications of .NET is the ANTS Memory Profiler. It offers a good feature for checking the usage of memory in code and optimizing the usage of memory of your VB.NET and C# code.


log 4 net

It is used to write log in the code. Log4net offers the option to log warning, error, exceptions to log files and is quite easy to configure. It is fast and thread safe.




It is a wonderful tool used by software development companies for test driven development. Generally, test driven deployment looks for the source code coverage. Ncover perceives the code and suggests where we have missed the code test cases. Higher coverage of code offers high product values.


It is a tool where one can integrate a predefined set of rules, build custom rules, name conventions and avoid to write a bad code. It offers the functionality to make the build ineffective until and unless its rules are satisfied. FXCOP also offers the advantages of writing good coding standards.

.NET Reflector

.NET Reflector

The chief function of .NETReflector is to disassemble the source code. Source code browsing can be done by making a click on a function name and checking which code is contained by the Data Definition Language (DDL). If we want to check the code version in production deployed code, we can do it easily by making use of .NETReflector.



APPScan is provided by IBM to check the security threats in website applications. It looks for a sample end to end user activity and analyzes the source code through its internal mechanism. A common error concerned with security like cookie stealing, cross site scripting, DOS attack, SQL injection  and sensitive data exposure are checked by APPScan and security threats are provided in a report.



It is an open source and free software tool to automate the build processes of software. It is best suited for .NET development projects for making a build process.


JSON Viewer

JSON is used for checking the validity of JSON data or converting JSON to object or object data to JSON.

Code collaborator

It is an excellent tool to review the code. Code Collaborator offers a good support to url based source control where one can upload the code and the reviewer can offer reviews to the code and also put comments. The author can later fix it and ask for review again.


Some of the above mentioned tools are free and some require a business license. An important parameter for a development project team is to choose the license cost and business need while selecting their tool.

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