Mobile app development: What’s in store?

By / May 8, 2017 /

IT, healthcare, real estate, apparel, accessories, name any company in any industry, and you will find businesses striving to come up with an amazing mobile app that keeps it ahead of competition. The app stores get several apps listed on it every day. “By the end of 2017, the App Market will be $77 billion Industry with over 268 billion downloads“says Considering this and the rising number of smart phones sold every year, there is no doubt that the app industry is booming and is going to grow at an ever faster pace in the coming future. Here are a few trends defining the future of mobile app development industry:

Prominence of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is something that is picking pace rapidly and there is considerable effort going in this direction. The user today wants mobile apps to function as per their needs by sensing their current situation or mood. We can definitely expect more of AI in the future! A point to note here is that industries like gaming, advertising, film industry, hospitality, media, healthcare, etc. are the ones that are making the most out of AI in their interest.

A desire for ‘one-for-all’

Consider the diversity in devices. E.g. iOS devices include iPad, iPhone, MacBook, Apple smart watch, iPod, etc. The rise in the number of devices and the different versions of the same is shifting the app industry trends towards creation of ‘one-for-all’ apps that serve the universal usability.

IoT and connected objects on the rise

“There will be 26 billion connected devices by 2020” says Gartner. Smart connected devices and objects have made our life easy to a large extent. However, the best is yet to come. Internet of Things (IoT) is growing and picking pace rapidly over the past and is expected to get a further boost in the coming years not only because of the ease and comfort it serves but also the data that is available for further research. However, IoT security is what has caused some concerns over the past few years. More emphasis is shifting now towards IoT security to reduce vulnerability.

Stipulation of innovative and interactive user experience

Top rated mobile apps are already setting high standards with respect to user interface design and functionality. However, this skill still has a long way to go as the user expectations are insatiable. Effective displays of data, correct placement of content, pleasant navigation are not the only requirements for counting as a good user experience. The user today expects more out of an app. To get a clear understanding of why a good UX is required for the success of an app, you can read this post.

Unfolding the potential in Enterprise Apps

The current focus of the mobile app industry seems to be towards more of consumer apps. However, the same is expected to shift towards enterprise apps in the coming future. The main reason for the same is that more and more enterprises are interested to be up to date with the latest technologies and apps will help them achieve the same to some extent, easing work flow and achieving cost effectiveness. The enterprise app gold rush is well underway already, where developers are running towards development of enterprise apps because of the high paying nature and long term projects of such apps.


Understanding what is currently going on in the industry and identifying the future prospects and expectations is always good to be at par and foresee what needs to be done by aligning business strategies. There is no denying the fact that mobile apps are now an inseparable part of the digital field. Considering the trends defining the future of mobile app development, it can be said that disruptive innovation is the key to succeed in the mobile app industry.

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