Make Your Team The A-Team: Agile Team

By / January 22, 2016 /

As one of The Agile principles,” Communication between team members is essential in any business, agile or not. But to maintain reliable communication, the team must be well built and cooperating. Teambuilding is not just an event, it is an ongoing process. Programs are a great way to kick start an open dialogue and shift team norms, and the conversation must continue at every level to continuously work toward better results.

Here are some helpful tips to guide you as a team leader to keep your team strong and efficient

Fix the roots

If there are any problems happening with the team, or work, you have to take control and solve the problems from the roots, not just heal the outer wounds. Find the root cause of any problem to solve it right. Aim the extinguisher at base of the fire.

Be talkative

Meaningful words of course. Talk to your team, to your client, to the related departments. Communication is essential for achieving outstanding results. When everything is clear to all the contributors to the project, then there will be a clear vision for everyone to know exactly what they should do and reach their goals ASAP. When You talk Not only will you learn more about what’s going on with the team, you will likely find your ‘measure of success’ to determine if the program was successful. Be open and willing to set aside your prepared questions; set aside your own assumptions during this process.

Have an open door

As a leader you should always have your door open for anyone, metaphorically and literally. The team leader must be willing to allow time and space to talk about what is not working with the team, even if the conversation gets uncomfortable. Having honest and transparent communication with your team will make it easier to detect any problems early, and resolve them fast, so they won’t affect the team’s productivity.\

A leader is a member

As a leader, you should be setting an example for all the members. Don’t expect your team to exert the effort you expect if they see you not doing so, don’t expect them to take orders and not express their own thoughts, “Everyone must be heard before being asked to take steps forward”. So be a teammate as well with your members and be a force that push them forward not push them down.

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