We provide a complete development environment for Jboss Seam Application Development and implementation
of large scale Enterprise applications by Jboss Developers.

A lightweight and helpful framework for easy application development

JBoss Seam is a lightweight framework that for many developers is the missing component of Java EE 5.0. The Jboss Seam development framework provides a consistent and easy to understand programming model for all enterprise application components. It’s largely considered a necessity for the developer’s productivity and application scalability.

JBoss provides a good way of integrating two popular technologies called JSF [Java Server Faces] and EJB [Enterprise Java Beans] with other additional features.


Jboss Seam Features

  • Unifies the component models of JSF and EJB.

  • Contains the stateful and contextual components useful to solve bugs.

  • Eliminates initial stage defects by making the unit testing easier.

  • Improves business intelligence and process management.

  • Reduces development time by simplifying layering.

  • Compatible with any app server supporting EJB 3.0 public draft and JSF 1.1 implementation.

  • Helpful to maintain a consistent look and feel across website pages.

  • Easily tests Java EE 5.0 applications.

Business Benefits of Jboss Seam Development

JBoss Seam Framework helps teams with information sharing and document collaboration,
multiplying the productivity of the organization.

Flexible management

With JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6, your enterprise can manage software applications, automate processes as you build, or integrate applications with your own management tools. This is all possible whilst working seamlessly in your private cloud.

Flexible future-friendly

How good is a cloud computing application server if it requires a costly licensing migration to reap its value? The Red Hat subscription model not only takes up-front licensing out of the equation, it also gives you more flexibility as your architecture changes.

Built-in enterprise features

Take advantage of integrated clusters and high-availability features for outstanding application performance. JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is a proven foundation for highly scalable Java applications and services.

Highly efficient

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 has been optimized to work with both multicore and virtualized environments. This assists Red Hat to provide an extremely low memory footprint and blazingly fast startup times.

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