Thinking Of Outsourcing AngularJS Developers? Go For India

By / September 2, 2016 /

Are you a medium or a small sized organization that is looking for outsourcing AngularJS development to AngularJS Developers? India can prove to be the best option to go for! The multilingual and well educated workforce that India provides has resulted in cities like Ahmedabad, Pune and Bangalore becoming the service centers for international corporations pursuing hiring value in teams of capable graduates. Corporations like TCS, Citigroup and IBM are outsourcing services of Offshore Development Center (ODC) from India to accomplish their first-rate IT software development. According to a recent study by New York Times, there are around 65 percent Indians working in IT sector in India and the figure is continuously growing.

Reasons why India is performing so well

The primary reason why the IT sector of India is observing a steady growth is because of the IT businesses service sector. Another reason owes to the fact that the country held on to its currency rather than joining Dollar/Euro currency union and the Rupee has been comparatively  stable over the past few years when the economy was a bit shaky.


The central reason for favoring India as the offshore partner country for software development as compared to other countries is because of a big pool of talented human resource clubbed with top quality offerings.  Outsourcing to India can provide you an average of 40 percent to 60 percent net savings and let you stay agile in the global economy of today. Main distinctions like talented work force, fast developing infrastructure and constructive government policies are responsible for the IT outsourcing industry of India to continue to experience a huge growth rate of 25% to 30% per year.

Below are some facts to consider:

  • NASSCOM has reported that the export revenue of India has touched the mark of $56 to $57 billion last February.
  • 80 percent of US and European outsourcing firms ranked India as the number one destination to outsource.
  • There are huge advantages of outsourcing software development to India.


Reasons for choosing AngularJS as your development framework

Below are some interesting reasons that show why you should choose AngularJS for development:

AngularJS Developers

  • Since AngularJS is flexible in nature, it proves to be an excellent framework that assists in building a dynamic website from scratch.

  • Even though a single page application may appear easy to you, it can appear to be a complex task to perform as every small detail requires to be written on that page. Thus, AngularJS development assists in designing the web page in a constructive and innovative manner.

  • Testing of a website becomes extremely precise and easy with AngularJS development. Hence, the website appears to be simply flawless.

Services of AngularJS development
  • Portal development

  • Web application development

  • Plug-in development

  • Portal development

  • Content management tools

  • E-commerce

There are great advantages of offshore AngularJS developers from India. This has garnered universal confidence with chief players like Oracle, Cisco and HP opting for India as they are sure of getting access to immense talent, results, quality, low costs and fast turnaround times.

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