Google Pixel vs. iPhone 7- What is in store for you?

In order to rev up the excitement of consumers, Google unveiled a series of its amazing products on 4th October, 2016 in San Francisco. The major announcement included the introduction of ‘Pixel’- the first phone of Google that carries its exclusive branding. The device with its 4K video, artificially intelligent assistant and other hi-tech features is deemed to take over the loved iPhone7! Let’s compare this new phone with iPhone 7.

Design: When it comes to design, both Google Pixel and iPhone 7are in the same league. iPhone 7 gets an upper hand here because of its cohesive design and waterproof body. Pixel too offers a range of elements and these may make its design better but that is not yet known. Till now, Pixel has made its appearance on Google’s website and web pages, so we are not in a position to say much about the design of the phone. Unlike iPhone 7, Pixel is not waterproof and this can prove to be a big inconvenience. There are 2 domains where Pixel scores over iPhone 7. The first one comprises of the headphone jack. Pixel has it and though we may agree that the future belongs to the wireless earphones and headphones but in the present the 3.5 mm jack offers more convenience. The second area where Pixel scores over iPhone 7 is the position of the fingerprint scanner. The position of the scanner on the back offers more convenience than on the front, like iPhone 7 has it.

Software: In the software section, there is a tie between Pixel and iPhone 7. Android 7.1 inside Pixel is better than iOS 10. The Google Assistant is smarter than Siri and offers more useful features. Apple supports its phones better with the updates of software which become crucial when you are purchasing a highly expensive phone and are going to use it for some years. Still, it can be said that software in Pixel and iPhone 7 has different target audience. Android offers more flexibility and you can build your own work flows whereas iOS 10 provides more refined experience.

Hardware and performance: When it comes to hardware, both the phones have a range of similarities. Both have an internal storage of 32GB in their base variants, support only one sim card and lack support for microSD card. Some differences are also there. iPhone 7 has RAM capacity of 3 GB whereas Google Pixel has 4 GB RAM. The screen size of the two phones is also different with Google Pixel having a 5 inch screen and iPhone 7 having a 4.7 inch one. Pixel screens use AMOLED panels which depict more vibrant colors. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus screens are likely to be brighter and have more accurate colors. Thus, here too it is a tie. There is no tie in the absolute raw performance. iPhone 7 powered by the A10 processor is faster than the Snapdragon 821 used in the Pixel. The optimized software and fast processor makes iPhone 7 a great performer. Pixel too will be pretty fast but at present not much can be said about its performance.  Even if the phone is fast enough, it cannot be 100% said that its performance will be at par with iPhone 7.

Camera: According to Google, Pixel has the best camera ever put in a Smartphone and it lacks the feature of optical image stabilization. The camera hardware inside the Pixel is pretty good and it is similar to the camera hardware in Nexus 6P, which is fantastic. Pixel utilizes Sony-made IMX 378 image sensor and according to Google, it has scored 89 points in DxO. The points scored by the iPhone7 camera are 86. Though both the phones possess a 12 megapixel camera, the sensor of Pixel is bigger and this offers better performance in low light. Thus, it can be said that Pixel will snap technically improved images. Considering absolute bests, even if you get iPhone 7, you’ll receive a camera which will be great to use. Moreover, iPhone 7 provides two cameras, the other one is a telephoto lens.

The above mentioned comparisons are not all inclusive and there’s a lot more that needs to be explored of these phones. But that said, iPhone 7 appears to be more favorable option for consumers when compared to Pixel. Most of this is because of the price. Pixel is a pretty expensive phone with a starting cost of Rs. 57,000. The appeal of the phone is limited to people who principally insist on Android. For others, iPhone 7 is a preferred option.

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