Diving Into the Future of Mobile Apps

By / August 22, 2016 /

Mobile App Development account for one of the most ground-breaking developments of human civilization. They have simplified our lives to the extent that was unimaginable before. According to a survey on mobile apps , it was shown that a whopping 90% of the mobile time of a user is spent on apps, 87% of the time devoted to mobile web is devoted to app and mobile apps generated the maximum revenue in the US, South Korea and Japan. These are mere fractions of figures that portray the significance of mobile apps in our day to day lives. It would be fascinating to consider the pace at which these are altering the way we carry out our digital processes. Let’s have a look at the emerging trends of mobile applications that will take the future of these apps by storm:

Augmented and Virtual Reality will receive a boost

Where virtual reality would be enhancing the gaming and other environments of simulation, augmented reality will be assisting people in augmenting their understandings of the real life surroundings.

IoT all around

Internet of Things or IoT powered apps is another amazing development that will revolutionize the world of Smartphone users. These will play a crucial role in simplifying the lives of people and allowing them to gain more control of their day to day routine and personal tasks. Furthermore, the IoT apps phenomenon is going to stretch its gasp in multiple industries like transport/automotive, agriculture, healthcare and various other sectors.


Healthy future in store

Since apps development for health management are already in progress, it can be said that within ten years, examining health, checking the app regarding exercise schedules and diet to the levels of specific metrics or biomarkers on the right track will become a part of our day to day tasks.

Other developments

Apps will have many surprises for its users in the upcoming years. Whether you want to track the people who are monitoring you or look out for new ways to gather information, mobile apps will be evolved to an entire new level that you can’t even imagine.

Hence, it can be said that mobile apps are going to stay with us for many years to come. Thus, it is vital to get your own business app to get the opportunity to reach out to a large audience base to leverage profits and boost revenue base. If your business does not have a mobile app yet, get connected with a mobile app development company and get assistance in building one.

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