We provide end-to-end development solutions for CMS, also
Add-On, plugins and extension development for Expression Engine.

Open Source and Commercial E-Commerce Solutions

ExpressionEngine is one of the most unique CMS platforms out there. It combines the power of open source and commercial product. Easy extensions combined with professional resources means you have a platform that helps you create beautiful and functional websites, that are perfectly balanced.

Miracle Group is a champ at leveraging this uniqueness of Expression Engine development services. We are providing e-commerce solutions and development since 2004. Our expert team of developers skilled in all the products of Interspire to provide you with e-commerce solutions that deliver ROI and make your ecommerce site stand out from the crowd. We know just how to leverage each strength of e commerce platforms to make your click with customers and drive sales. Miracle has been successfully collaborating with different clients from various industries since 2007. We can proudly say that we have kept ourselves up to date with all the latest developments in e-commerce.


ExpressionEngine Features

  • ExpressionEngine offers incredible flexibility as a web-publishing platform

  • Easy front end and back end editing

  • Easy to use with based in PHP

  • Easy Management and Software Administration

  • Round the clock support

Business Benefits of ExpressionEngine

ExpressionEngine inherently helps teams in information sharing and document collaboration, which
multiplies the productivity of the organization.


A secure and stable eco-system that helps you keep the data safe. With built in audit trails and Captcha verifications, it means that hacking into and robotisizing the purchases is impossible. It also includes email verification with complete login history.

Help and Support

Impressive staff with exemplary support through emails and phone, means you never get stuck and all your projects are competed on time. A thriving community means you get real life answers from real life users enriching your ExpressionEngine usage.

Easy to Use

PHP based with easy navigation and least amount of programming means you need least investment of time and resources to get amazing functionality. Easy CMS development is another advantage.

CMS Migrations

You have an existing site. The content’s great and the design’s fantastic but it takes 2 hours and a phone call to update the company address on the Contact page. We can fix that.

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