Why DevOps is important for your organization?

By / November 8, 2016 /

We all know that DevOps is an established relationship stage between development phase and IT Operations. It is vital that collaboration and communication between the two units are promoted from the viewpoint of productivity and management.

DevOps from an IT point of view

DevOps is basically a culture of management that improves the delivery agility of IT service on the basis of collaboration, communication and integration. It is a platform that recognizes the relationships between multiple themes, ideas and tools of IT operations and software development by using continuous improvement. In a wider sense, DevOps represents a cultural change towards acknowledging the Agile software development norms, making way for continuous cycles of development, considering the responsibilities, goals and cross functions of IT operations.

The DevOps network

DevOps works on the trust factor between two considerably automated and productive processes. With a rising demand for profiles of Developer and Operations in IT, it is an applicable proof that the market is moving towards accepting DevOps as a flourishing thing.
DevOps is considered as a cultural approach in IT. From the point of view of a job, it is basically a job description for an applicant who has the required skill set to work both as a developer and a systems operations engineer. Incorporating DevOps in your software development cycle offers multiple benefits and this is the reason why modern applications depend a lot on Agile.

Integrating DevOps in the software development process

Integration of DevOps in the software development process offers the following benefits:

Improved resource management: During the software development and integration stage, testers and developers wait for resources to arrive resulting in delays in the delivery. Agile with DevOps makes sure that the mobile app development lands in testing phase way quicker than the existing operations.

Faster mitigation of the software defects: With enhanced collaboration and communication between software development and operations, you can easily recognize and mitigate defects at any stage of the software development cycle. A similar culture can be applied to app development where defects result in bigger losses.

Improved version control: By highlighting the interactions and individuals, DevOps permits the developers to influence the programmable dynamic infrastructure at various stages of the lifecycle of application development. It permits automated coding options and version control.

Diminished human errors: DevOps diminishes the odds of human errors during the process of development and operations by doing frequent iterations. The failure rate of application is lowered with numerous deployments in the process in a definite timeline.

Steady environment for operating: The solution to any business platform is stability and DevOps is established to bring in reliability and stability. Enterprises with DevOps get their deployment 30X faster than their competitors with approx. 50% lesser failure chances.

By utilizing DevOps, you can move from the ideation phase to final software version without any delay in spite of possessing numerous incremental improvements concerned with sales, stability and performance in the long run. Are you looking for DevOps consulting services? We’re here to assist you with the best of solutions.

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