Say Goodbye To Cross Platform Compatibility Issues While Developing Mobile Apps

By / September 1, 2016 /

The domain of mobile app development has always pushed the reinventing wheel to consider the ever increasing expectations of the target audience. There is a central focus on developing everything responsive and sleek so that the bulky apps do not put off users because of their lack of compatibility on multiple devices. This is where cross platform tools for mobile app development come into play. These platforms have observed a significant rise over the last few years and considering the present demand, the trend will stay.

Importance of cross platform mobile app development

It is a technique by which you write a piece of code for applications while making sure that the code executes compatibly on multiple operating systems. These days, you can often come across developers complaining that the days they put in for writing code for a powerful app for Android phones go in vain when it comes to executing the same app for iOS platform. This calls for making some tweaks to the code so that it runs smoothly across main OS platforms.

Importance of cross platform mobile app development

Building an app that is responsive across multiple platforms is time consuming and difficult. Tools for cross platform mobile development therefore serve to be ideal for shaping apps that provide flexible compatibility.

Excellent platforms for cross platform mobile app development

RhoMobile is an immensely useful and practical mobile app development platform that allows you to build apps that work in harmony across multiple platforms. By using it, you can build native apps that can be run on multiple smartphone devices and operating systems- be it Android, Windows, Blackberry or iOS. For developers who are still in their learning phase, the platform holds great promise. With its added features like RhoHub and RhoSync, development has become easier and more conducive for the budding as well as experienced developers.   



PhoneGap is the most trusted platform for mobile app development that is commonly used by iPhone or Android app development companies. It offers developers a free rein when it comes to creating apps for platforms like Android, Symbian, Windows, iOS and more. Developers utilizing this platform can write their code on HTML or Javascript and even on CSS3. You don’t have to shell out great sums of money as it is open source and is available free of cost.



The name MoSync is a pretty familiar one among Android and iPhone app developers. MoSync is basically a FOSS multi-platform mobile app development SDK tool that showers a developer with tools like extensions, libraries, runtimes, etc. Languages like Ruby, Java and PHP are used by it and the platform it supports includes Symbian, Windows, Mobile Linux distro and Moblin. The latest version of the platform will also support Blackberry and iOS.



Whoop is the best alternative if you require a platform that well suits your skills of beginner-level developer. It is extremely helpful while building the beta versions of your website. Since this platform is quite basic, you may not be able to build visually the best inspiring apps, but the fact that there is no need to learn coding proves helpful.



Last but not the least is Appcelerator! It really boosts the awesomeness of cross platforms and enjoys a great fanfare on Twitter. Languages like HTML, PHP, etc. are used by this platform and it provides the users above 300 APIs. You can easily learn this tool as it comes with a simple method of mastering it.

Considering the capabilities and features of each OS platform, the development community keeps creating platforms that consistently elevate the compatibility and performance levels of mobile applications. For developers who do not want their apps to get stuck into a development cubbyhole, these platforms fulfill the purpose in the most efficient manner.


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