All You Need To Know About Agile Development For Mobile Apps

By / August 8, 2016 /

At Miracle Group, we believe in delivering quality mobile apps by having regular communication with the client to ensure we are on the same page. Our goal is to meet effectively the specific needs of each client for whom the mobile app is being developed. Following Agile principles of software development help us do the […]

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Staying Agile in a Retail Revolution

By / July 12, 2016 /

The world is at the beginning of a retail transformation and now, with the influence of digital technologies on consumers and the influx of retail revenues driven by ecommerce, retailers are being forced to reevaluate the value proposition of a store. The role of the physical store is changing as a blend of technologies meld […]

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Thinking about switching to Agile? First, check Your Motives

When it comes to Agile, if you’re living by the old adage, “our competitors are doing it so we should too,” stop. If your motives don’t align with the principles of Agile, then making the switch will ultimately hurt your company. Organizations have tried time and again to raid Apple’s talent pool under the assumption […]

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Speed Your Project Up by Slowing it Down

Product managers are often told they are not delivering fast enough and in response to the pressure, managers ask their teams to cut corners on quality, work longer hours and more frantically. This is the surest way to produce a steady stream of low quality features and unstable code which can cause system outages and […]

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Development Managers vs. Scrum Masters

A fight to the death? Winner takes all? Not really. These two roles live in peace. Agile teams are structurally different than their waterfall counterparts. Waterfall teams follow the structure of the organization and scheduling is often “top down,” meaning that management sets the pace and schedule. In agile development, the team is self-organizing. It […]

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