How AI & Chatbots can help improve your customer’s experience?

By / October 17, 2017 /

Success and failure of any business depends upon its consumers and customer experience is the card that plays the whole game. These days to improve the customer experience, technology have become a viable channel for many business services. The new trend in market is using AI and Chatbots. Now a customer can get answer to his questions at any point of time, and the technology has been advanced to such a level that it’s very difficult for them to differentiate if they are talking to a human or a computer. The best example to understand would be Siri or Alexa. Both chatbots are master their communication providing all kinds of information or solution to the queries.

Here is an insight to how combination of AI and chatbots can help you in business serve the customer in better way:

24×7 Availability

To provide the best customer experience, these days number of organizations provide 24/7 customer support services. Using chatbots can be the most cost-efficient and a powerful solution to provide these services. The chatbots can be trained using the past data to perform some of the basic tasks such as correcting the information or answering basic questions as a live support center representative would do. These chatbots can also detect the emotions of the customer and handle the situation accordingly. This technology provides a full time availability of the services to the customers thus, help in improving the experience.

No more waiting calls

Can you recall the time; you fumed to anger on listening to the hold on music? Many people have to face this while connecting the customer support. Customer of organizations using chatbots no longer have to wait on call to clear their queries. The technology increases the capacity of taking calls by the service centre. Now with full time availability and multitasking AI with Chatbots can get happy customers to the business.

Personalize the customer experience

To help the agent give a personalized experience to the customer, the AI integrated chatbots help the agent collect all the information related to the client. Chatbots serve as virtual assistants to the agent giving him details about both the past and the current needs of the customer. Using the information at real time the agent can help the customer serve with good solutions and information.

Building good Relations

Chabot help make outbound, proactive contact with the customers. All time availability with best solutions helps gain the trust and confidence of the customer to build or maintain a healthy relation with the customer. They are also used to stay in touch with the customers through either simple email, text on a customer’s birthday or asking customers to review their services.

AI Integrated Chatbots provide quick, frictionless solutions to the problems of the customers. In fact a good quality chatbot can provide a better customer experience than a human. Using this technology in your business can definitely help create a major impact in the customer service and experience world.

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