Agile is the new scrum

By / January 22, 2016 /

Many businesses now, that used Scrum, are switching to agile methodology, for several reasons. Basically Scrum is routine and bureaucratic method that keeps going round and round. It’s a closed cycle that keeps going on till one of the elements get exhausted, whether it’s the resources or the work tasks.

Scrum is not necessarily productive for all types of businesses. It can work for an industry but would be a misfit for another. Because each and every industry has different requirements and needs, it needs a broader, more inclusive methodology to follow.

On the other hand, following agile isn’t only about productivity and time management, but adding business value. It’s a win win situation anyway, for you, for your team and for your business as well. By adopting agile, you will have better vision of everything going around in your business, you will be the Game Changer, not your resources. It requires complete awareness of the other departments in your business, so you’d be able to make decisions, keeping in mind what outcome and effect will come on all departments.

By adopting Agile methodologies, will also make you more flexible and adaptable to sudden changes. Adding to this, full awareness of your business’s situation, because it requires close, daily, cooperation between all members.

The main purpose of following agile is to achieve added value, not just high productivity in less time. Here are few guide lines to help you become agile:

Split deliverables into small tasks, then work on one at a time only and have a way to check the actual status after each one is done. This way you’ll be able to decide to change the next steps at any time and still know that everything that was already done can actually be used

with your team mates, and potential members

Present their tasks or the workflow process in a visual presentation, so that everyone would have a clear vision of what are they expected to do.

Nothing is problem free. that’s why you need to Identify your problems and be prepared for them

Do your homework. Check for similar problems and see what other solutions have been used and might be applicable for your business. But also come up with your own solutions if you can.

Team Assessment. This means that all members should asses the business progress and process together, and decides whether to keep going, modify or stop.

In the end Agile is about experimenting, and improving, and finding the best fit work process that achieve results and business value at the same time

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