5 Companies That Used Node.js to Revolutionize Their Apps

By / August 26, 2016 /

Node.js development has garnered its own hype these days and all the big players in the market are using it. Most of the famous companies have built their apps using the technology but prior to diving deep into the subject, let’s first understand what Node.js is and why should we use it.


It is an open source server side runtime environment built on JavaScript V8 Engine of Google Chrome, created for building scalable and fast network applications. In other words, it is simply a runtime of JavaScript- a fast, modern and lightweight way to execute code on the computer.

Why are the biggest enterprises using Node.js?  

  • LinkedIn and Node.js

Founded in 2002 in Mountain View in California, LinkedIn is a social networking service centered on businesses. It allows users to invite anyone to become their connection. The site is available in a total of 24 languages and has more than 400 million users in over 200 countries. LinkedIn utilizes Node.js to boost the server side of their mobile app.

One reason that LinkedIn chose Node.js is due to its scalability and the other reason includes its ability to best interact with other services.

LinkedIn app has observed significant improvements with Node.js. As compared to the earlier version based on Ruby on Rails, the new app is around 20 times faster and utilizes minimum resources. The development became extremely fast and servers were cut from thirty to three.

  • PayPal and Node.js

PayPal accounts for the biggest and most renowned system for internet payments. It allows its users to conduct online business with each other easily and quickly in above 200 currencies. The company has been utilizing Node.js development to create customer facing end of their web apps.

PayPal uses Node.js as it allows them to enable both the server and the browser applications to be written in JavaScript. The engineering specialties are combined into one team by Node.js and it allows the organization to react to the requirements of users at any stage in the technology stack.

The app using Node.js was built almost twice as fast with fewer people, with 40% lesser files and 33% lesser lines of code as compared to the previous Java based application.

  • Mozilla and Node.js

The non-profit organization Mozilla is renowned for its open source web browser Firefox that is available for Linux, Windows, Android, Firefox OS and OS X in 80 languages. Mozilla utilizes Node.js as the main language in their multiple web projects. One of them includes Mozilla Persona- a cross platform sign in technology.

Mozilla chose Node.js for two reasons. The first one includes the memory footprint and the second reason is because it is beneficial to be able to use the same language on server side and well as client side.

  • Yahoo and Node.js

An American MNC, Yahoo is globally renowned for its search engine, web portal and other related services and attracts above 500 million consumers in above 30 languages each and every month.

According to Eric Ferraiuolo, the principal software engineer at Yahoo, Node.js can be scaled and offers high performance and each property moved over to its stack has observed a performance increase.

Node.js has unified and altered the front-end developer culture at Yahoo. It already powers many websites and will soon power the whole of Yahoo.

The world’s biggest provider of video streaming, Netflix is available in more than 190 countries. The entire user interface of Netflix is built using Node. The technology has proved to be pretty effective for the company that now it wants to utilize it in other layers of the stack.


Netflix opted for Node.js to achieve modular, fast and lightweight application. As a consequence, the startup time of their new mobile app has been decreased by 70%.

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