Since our founding, we’ve repeatedly demonstrated our ability to produce highly collaborative and innovative designs. This has provided us with a valued portfolio of both vendors and long lasting partners, making Miracle internationally reputable and a respected agency.

Front runners of Technology

At Miracle Group we boast an extensive catalogue of software development services for you to choose from. We consider it both enjoyable and essential to stay on top of the latest technological advancements, so be assured that any feature you desire is obtainable.

Great Communication

Through continuous iteration and well considered feedback loops, our team and our clients are able to relay concerns and ideas to one another in a creative and efficient manner. We’ve found this approach to be highly effective because any miscommunication is quickly resolved in the next iteration.

Talented and Loyal Staff

Our company employs a rigorous recruitment process to ensure our staff are not only the best in their field, but share the same passion for software development. Diverse in nationality and background, we make sure all employees are well suited to our company culture; ensuring their job satisfaction and honoring our commitments to them. We know that providing individuals with support and appropriate challenges is the best way to foster loyalty and productive employees.

Experienced insights

Having provided overseas outsourcing solutions for over a decade, we’ve gathered a wealth of experience with respect to cultural variation, differing internal methodologies and frequent project-related complications. Additionally, our close knit team of experts are well-versed in detecting and predicting project issues.

Stable methodology

Our reliable and well practiced use of agile dedicated teams allows us to overcome many of the barriers to design that
traditional methodologies face. With agile software development we experience very few barriers to design, as well as flawless communication, increased innovation and reduced delivery time.

Long Term Relationships

At Miracle Group, we think we’ve cracked the code on preserving long term partnerships. Often acquiring partners after work with one off clients, we believe we offer fruitful and enjoyable services in exchange for good ideas.

Miracle Group Guarantee

Expenses from the most recent iteration (maximum two weeks) are waived in the case that a client
shows dissatisfaction with deliverables. Our company will be notified within one week.