Talent Acquisitions

Being one of the leading Software Development firms, Miracle Group knows how crucial it is to hire the right talent. We believe the success of any firm lies in recruiting and retaining the top technologists. Knowing how challenging it is to hire the right talent, our staffing team helps our clients in recruiting the quality talent that matches their company’s ethos. We provide specialized expertise in Creative Design, Database Architects, Engineers and Data Analysts, DevOps, Mobile App Developers, Product Management, Project Management, Quality Assurance, Software Development in .Net, Java and Mobile, User Experience (UX).

Staff Augmentation

Hiring, training and sustaining additional permanent, full-time staff members are not always feasible or cost effective. Our staff augmentation services have been designed to fulfill the needs of our clients when they are in need of more resources. Falling short of resources to meet the deadline of the project or any exclusive expertise needed to work on a specific project, Staff Augmentation Services is what you need. We provide our clients expertise for Business Intelligence, Data Warehouses, Enterprise Architecture, Particular Technology and Third Party Integration. Now hiring the resources your project needs will no more be a challenge.

Expand Your Team!

We provide skilled and experienced developers with the perfect blend of soft and hard skills

Hire Onsite and Extended Technical Team

Team Incubation Services

Miracle Group Team Incubation service is designed to help grow and develop the team that your business needs. We provide collaborative office space, leading technologists and an innovative culture space to the resources to grow and develop their skills. Our staffing solutions and software solutions team works in collaboration to make sure the client gets everything he needs. The staffing team makes sure likeminded people are recruited who can work well together, where as the software solutions team takes care of the on-boarding and hands-on mentoring.

Contractual to Permanent

Hire the staff on contractual basis initially and turn them to full time employees if they serve your needs well. Miracle Groups Contractual to permanent services will help you get the right combination of cultural fit and skill set. Use the services to get the talent that fits your organization the best and avoid the risk of long term hiring the unfit resources. Now first try out the resources and then decide to hire them permanently.