Talent Sourcing

Miracle Group talent acquisition team works hard to pool the right candidates for their clients. The team uses a variety of methods to find the suitable candidates that are not only fit for the project, but can also easily adapt themselves to the culture of the organization. Since we’ve been providing these services for years now, we have a good database of candidate on a global scale who can easily meet the requirements of our clients.

Screening Phase

To present the best talent to our clients we follow a rigorous screening procedure. The candidate has to go through various tests and interviews carried by our staffing solutions and software solutions team. Where the staffing team looks after the background of the candidate, the software solutions makes sure the personality and aptitude of the candidate matches to that of the organization. We make sure our client gets a well qualified candidate with the perfect blend of soft and hard skills.

Technical Interviews Round

After screening, each candidate has to qualify the Technical Interview round. Here the individual has to go through a series of technical questions and problems. This round not only tests the programming knowledge and experience of the candidate, but also measures the aptitude of solving problems and handling difficult situations. Since we provide services in a wide range of technologies including CSS3, HTML5, Java, JQuery, MVC, .Net, Objective C, PhoneGap, SQL, SWIFT, Xamarin, etc., we make sure the candidates pooled by our staffing team also possess these expertise.

Candidates Selection

After screening and interviewing the candidates the staffing team selects the best match to the requirements of the project. These candidates are then presented to the client who then extends an offer to the individual that he finds most suitable for his organization.

Frequent Follow-ups

The recruitment process does not end on employing the candidate to the project. Our staffing team stays in touch with both the client and the candidate to get regular feedbacks from both the parties. We make sure the client and the candidate are happy with each other and things are going in a smooth transition. This feedback is not only used to maintain a healthy relationship between both the parties, but our management also uses it to improve the services in future.

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