Meeting users’ requirements and providing them the best user experience with Sphinx Search services.

Sphinx Search offers unique and flexible capabilities to suit your user needs. Its most useful feature is probably the ability to implement Sphinx as either a full text search feature or as Plugin to MySQL and PostGreSQL databases. This requires no additional data import and makes it higher flexible to user needs.

At Miracle Group, we understand and integrate Sphinx search services because of this superb user experience. We optimize the service, integrating it into existing websites and enterprise content management systems (CMS) in order to ensure users obtain high quality relevant results. Sphinx’s full text examination and optimized search functionalities make it appropriate for a number of eCommerce websites, for example, geo-distance searching is most beneficial for high volume data websites. Our agile dedicated team primarily integrates Sphinx architecture into websites based on X-Cart, Magento, and Open Cart, and CMS based on Drupal 7 and WordPress.

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Our Sphinx Search Service Includes

  • IT Metrics & Dashboard

  • Database Experts

  • Application Maintenance

  • Strategic Planning

  • Big Data Analytics

  • Application Management

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