We ensure the use of comprehensive search solutions with integrated, analytical,
open-source search engine libraries with superb user experience.

Search Solutions

Websites can contain hundreds pages, and thousands of pieces of information. Regardless of the size or complexity, however, when users arrive on a website they expect to be able to find the information they need immediately. Ineffective search or browsing features can leave the most patient users feeling frustrated, increasing the likelihood that that individual will be lost as a customer.

Search solutions services should be placed at the top of any intranet or internet web application. In particular, care should be given to ensure search queries are closely in line with search results. Luckily, there are several new tools to reduce this problem and to increase efficiency and user experience.

  • Full text Search Engine Library

  • Full text Indexing and Search

  • Web or Enterprise Applications

  • Open Source full text Search Engine

  • Large commercial websites

  • Internal Enterprise Document Management

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