Project Description

BI: Helical Insights:

Client Profile:

Our client is an institute having proficiency in offering training on leadership development. They trained the mid to upper level executives and helped the management seeking leadership. Along with this they provide advance level training and certifications for executive coaching skills. They provide considerate approach, tools for organization to improve organization efficiency.

Business Requirement:

They provide training which follows the assessment report to individuals. For that, a test is being conducted in the form of surveys. In the questionnaire, the individual is being rated from 1 to 5 based on different parameters (like transparency, leadership, emotional quotient, etc). This information is then stored in a particular database.

The client required a platform which could fetch data from that particular database and create reports with data visualization, helping management to know strength and weakness and accordingly spend in skill set building.

Following were the problems faced by Clients:

  • The Client constraints were not met by any other BI tools.
  • Unable to utilize data to find perfect candidate for the job
  • The reports generated were not appropriate
  • The charts were not practicable to build

Solution Provided:

We understood the requirement carefully and suggested to create a Reporting database. We assisted our client to view their reports with the help of developer friendly Business Intelligent Framework, to export data to PDF, emails scheduling, user and role management, etc. We build various reports which include interactive visualizations. Some of the reports are:

  • Self Evaluation Report
  • Goal Setting Report
  • Multi Rater Leadership Report
  • Rollup Report
  • Comparison report, etc

The reports created were very interactive. We not only provide the use of normal charts but also advanced statistical and scientific charts for data visualization. Being a developer friendly platform, we created all together a new chart instead creating what is already present in the market.


  • The performance of the reports was outstanding and excellent
  • The transactional system database was not affected
  • The design of the database could accommodate any changes, surveys, data, etc

Technologies used:

MySQL, Talend open studio, Helical Dashboard Insight (HDI)



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Project details
  • January 10, 2018