Agile project management – a value-driven approach that allows Project Managers to deliver high-quality,
high-priority work. Our team has provided project governance by following Agile Methodologies.

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Miracle Group has successfully
handled more than one hundred projects due to our
incredible value-based project governance.

Our unique approach enables us to prioritize tasks and integrate projects with value enhancing features. Combined
with Agile practices, value based project governance speeds up the process of generating
high ROI.

A Committed and Dedicated Approach for Enhancing Project Value:

Establishing prominent value drivers, as well as corresponding metrics for measuring and reporting the progress of your project at every step.

Maximizing the use of proprietary frameworks for project management in order to assign a specific dollar value to every feature.

Automatically prioritizing value based features on the basis of both their development complexity and economic value.

Accommodating for dynamic requirements without affecting the budget and timeline of the project.

Working with value-based project governance:

Modifying requests and prioritizing backlog to maximize business value.

Structuring and planning iterations and forming strategies to maximize project ROI.

Using value metrics to constantly measure and evaluate the delivered economic value.

Enhancing project delivered value by 10-20%, while doubling or tripling project ROI.

Miracle Group Guarantee

Expenses from the most recent iteration (maximum two weeks) are waived in the case that a client
shows dissatisfaction with deliverables. Our company will be notified within one week.

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