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At Miracle Group we can guarantee you’ll have an enjoyable outsourcing interaction. We pride ourselves on operating with an open minded and agile development methodology, achieving superb outcomes for our clients and fostering long term partnerships. Our Clients value our fast deployment to market. We achieve this through regular iterations and feedback loops to ensure excellent communication, accurate product vision and to remove of delays, in order to provide you an efficient software product development.

  • Our skilled team of agile developers are experienced in delivering highly innovative and practical ideas which are accompanied with technical excellence.

  • Our delivery of applications using an agile methodology helps businesses grow

  • Frequent overseas software development has given us detailed insights into cultural variation with consumers and internal methodologies in business.

Regardless of the size or time frame of your project, feel free to contact us today!

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Technologies We Serve

Miracle Group is a well-known outsourcing company offering a full range of custom software development services for various business domains.

Whether you are at the beginning or your business has already developed enough, we are more than happy to assist you at any and every stage of the software development life cycle: from conceptualization, business analysis and prototyping to the development and deployment of a complete solution.

.NET Development

Net is a Microsoft Windows framework that provides a customized technology for software outsourcing. A major advantage of outsourcing .NET is language interoperability; this allows developers to use code that’s in another language and increasing the flexibility and scope of your software project.
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Java Development

Miracle Group offers Java expertise in Web applications, Rich Internet Applications, Mobile Development and Online Games on every developmental layer. From software applications to RIA development, we produce scalable agile solutions to a diverse variety of companies as well as our long term partners.
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Php Development

PHP is a backend scripting language that’s largely used for web development as well as general purpose programming. At Miracle Group, we use PHP web development for both advanced domain specific solutions and interactive websites.
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Ruby on Rails development

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a web application framework used to facilitate the user interface of databases, web services and web pages that use HMTL5, CSS, and Javascript. Miracle Group can take RoR development.
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Mobile Platforms

At Miracle Group, we are uniquely prepared to overcome the challenges of application development across different mobile platforms in order to offer our clients what they need. This includes challenges that are related to device performance.
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The extremely experienced team of developers at Miracle Group carry out Node.JS solutions daily; outsourcing with new clients and with our long term partners. In addition to our acclaimed agile practices, we use extensive libraries and automated build to make coding streamlined and efficient.
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Golang Development

Golang development excellence has not gone unnoticed by Miracle Group. Composed explicitly for cloud platforms, Golang is an authority in API layer with simultaneous operations. Its robust standard library can help your team build the best solution that meets your application demands.
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Miracle Group Guarantee

Expenses from the most recent iteration (maximum two weeks) are waived in the case that a client
shows dissatisfaction with deliverables. Our company will be notified within one week.