Partnership Programs

By working with like-minded companies, we enjoy expanding our knowledge and experience with complementary markets. We’re seeking valuable trust-based business partnerships with exceptional companies, in order to continually innovate, take shared risks and mutually profit from enterprising goals. If you have a doorway into a market opportunity for Miracle, we would be thrilled to offer you our pool of development expertise and software solutions.

Offshore partner

Our methodology ensures maximum value for time and money.
Our expertise will ensure optimal business solutions.

Outsourcing to India offers a number of rewarding opportunities. Take advantage of lower labor costs to maximize your value for money. Additionally, the agile software development we use at Miracle decreases the likelihood of unexpected delays and additional charges. Our stable methodology ensures all your capabilities and requirements are provided, allowing us to go above and beyond with innovative designs and solutions.

Reseller partner

Increase product value with the addition of Miracle applications
and mutually benefit from our support.

Partners of Miracle enjoy the innovative and profitable solutions we provide, allowing them to scale their businesses quickly and efficiently. Our team of experts will surpass even your greatest expectations, providing thorough resources and supportive material, effective solutions, and user friendly designs. Our goal is to provide an easy reselling experience with minimal investment, letting you see for yourself how profitable our partnership could be.

Referral partnership

Simple exploration is enough to begin your fruitful journey with Miracle. Network, welcome and
recommend new clients through our commission structure.

Nothing could be easier than the referral partnership with Miracle. Here we understand the value of trust and recommendation, therefore, we reward long-lasting partners who represent our company. Miracle not only offers financial reward to reinvest back into your own business. You’ll also have the opportunity to grow your own sales portfolio by learning the latest techniques from our expert sales executives.

Joint Venture

Increase your market visibility, gain valuable business support
and profit from your own ideas.

The joint venture partnership with Miracle offers more than just access to a new business market. Encourage the personal and professional development of your own team by sharing resources, receiving training and accessing distribution networks from our expert staff. Feel supported as you take the leap of faith into offshore outsourcing, and witness yourself how quickly your goals become reality.

Miracle Group Guarantee

Expenses from the most recent iteration (maximum two weeks) are waived in the case that a client
shows dissatisfaction with deliverables. Our company will be notified within one week.