Partner, Not Just a Vendor

The mutual understanding and strong collaboration that we have with our partners allows us to deliver high quality work. Moreover, our valued partnerships allow us to enhance business value, create effective solutions and share common goals. However, most vendors focus on completing client projects and using written guidelines when confronted with problems. This is not the case with us.

Miracle Group is your true Software Development  Partner

Regardless of locations, time zones and cultures, we hold strong partnerships with overseas clients. Due to this committed approach, an increasing number of our ODC’s have been successfully operating as IT departments or R&D centers for our customers. The amicable and dedicated approach adopted at Miracle Group enables us to develop long term and productive relationships with clients and their teams.

By using Agile Software Development methodologies, our teams work closely with clients involving them on a daily basis. From our experience, this has always led to the best results. We focus on creating better client value and delivering effective solutions to solve business problems.

Quality Guarantee

Our clients are involved in every step of software development. If they are dissatisfied with any phase the latest iteration is waived. This includes two weeks of development costs. Miracle Group should be notified about any such issue at least within one week time after delivery of the specific phase of development.

Why do Clients choose Us ?

Our Expert Developers
Project Governance
Competitive Pricing
Agile Development Practices
Performance Based Contracts
Seamless Communication