Open Source CMS

These days, consumers require responsive websites with optimal viewing capabilities and easy interaction experiences. A method of managing such websites is through Content Management Systems (CMS) which provide users with a collaborative environment for publishing and organising content. We provide our clients with a customised open source CMS which allow users to enjoy high quality end results.

Open Source ECommerce

The trend in eCommerce has grown rapidly over the past several years. Businesses are requiring user friendly, intuitive, and accessible platforms to serve their retail needs. A number of eCommerce CMS solutions exist to help businesses development these platforms, however, by far the most common is Open Source. Web store developers at Miracle Group are proficient in providing personalised platforms where all user needs and expectations are provided for. Our mobility services also allow customers to extend their platforms to even larger audiences.

Open Source Social Media

Social Media is becoming an increasingly powerful medium for users to access the internet, in particular with the new addition of application browsers. Businesses also have an amplified opportunity to connect their products with potential users by targeting relevant networks. Open Source product development at Miracle Group harnesses research, by building a customised social engine sites that meet your business requirements.

Angularjs Web Application

Angular JS is a Javascript tool consisting of components, patterns and developmental practises to form a reliable and productive tool. It’s made up of two software design patterns; Model View Controller and Dependency Injection, which support models, views, controllers and services. All round, it is a high value and uncomplicated solution to handling all web application development elements, including user interface and the data behind it.

AngularJS is focused on writing test friendly code which leads to higher quality software. Supporting the jQuery library, it is also the most maintainable, integrated and scalable web application and ensures many development practises can be used as before.

As a testament to its capabilities, AngularJS has the highest adoption and growth rate of any web technology. The active development of the framework, supported by Google, means it is continuously growing to meet user needs.

Angular JS At Miracle Group

At Miracle Group we believe the growth and interface and maintainability of Angular JS, makes it a perfect match for many web development projects. Accompanied with great front end UI, our developers take full advantage of AngularJS capabilities, providing customers with unique user friendly platforms. All our developers work in agile dedicated teams and receive training in UI methodology, therefore, they know how to harness the capabilities of AngularJS to produce unique interactions. In addition to using AngularJS as our go-to tool for web application interfaces, we offer a full suite of maintenance and quality assurance services.

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Web services/ API development

Our experienced and agile dedicated teams are well-versed with all major applications and mobile technologies, as well as a multitude of programming languages, frameworks and solutions. We use a number of web services to determine the best web API development for your business. This includes API services Management, RESTful Web Services, and SOAP Web Services.

What else do we offer?

Mobile Application Development
Enterprise developments
Upgrading Legacy Systems
Upgrading Legacy Systems
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Regardless of your scale or requirements, Miracle Group is extremely experienced in providing web technology development solutions. In addition to this, we provide a full suite of maintenance, Customer Relationship Management and CMS solutions.

Our front-end frameworks, built for the customer’s visibility and use only, are designed to be highly interactive and intuitive. Our agile developers work closely with your team to understand the needs and desires of your customers, allowing us to create a perfect user experience. Our client side web technologies are developed using JavaScript because this is the most common language of the web. We also offer a suite of server side frameworks to match your exact requirements, and cross browser frameworks like Ajax to make your desktop applications interactive and fun.

Our Web Technologies:

jQuery Javascript Library

The strength of jQuery is that it builds on AJAX interfaces to yield unique and easy services for the web. JQuery capabilities extend over both online and desktop applications, and offer many plugins for developers to customise the development. JQuery is also the most popular framework for Javascript, condensing its code and increasing simplicity.

Twitter Bootstrap

Best for small or medium sized projects, Twitter Bootstrap uses CSS and Javascript to create maintainable webpages with consistent formats. Standardised styles mean the look and feel of the web interface is consistent and fast to produce. It’s a very useful method of allowing users access to websites and web applications with mobile devices.

The Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI)

This lightweight library amalgamates multiple tools and techniques, including aJax, DHTML & DOM scripting, and javascript. It triumphs over CCS/Javascript libraries because its free, and has the capacity to be used for business and non-profit purposes. The YUI community is huge, with documentation and forumsgrowing everyday to help developers create user friendly client side applications. YUI also has an extensive collection of widgets and utilities which are covered by unified BSD licence.

Sencha Ext JS

Originally developed as an extension of YUI, Sencha Ext JS is another cross browser library within Javascript that can be used for Rich Internet Applications. Ext JS offers a number of features that aren’t dependent on a particular browser, including toolbars, data grids, combination boxes, and message boxes. These and related windows can be controlled by the layout manager. Sencha Ext JS is an extendable object oriented framework, with a UI library to benefit all major server side technologies.


The major benefit of Flex is the capacity to create RIA solutions that perform across operating systems and browsers. Web Flex applications are mainly deployed on Flash Player, whilst desktop computer Flex applications are delivered on Adobe Air. We have prepared high performing RIAs on both. This is enjoyable for both our developers and our end users, because Flash Player technology is extremely comfortable and intuitive. In addition to this, we offer offshore partnerships that combine outsourcing and product developments, in order to reduce labour costs and the versatility of your final product.

TelerikRadControls and Telerik’s ASP.NET MVC Extensions

The Telerik Rad Controls also create applications for web and desktop computers very efficiently, in fact, the client side APIs are almost the same as the server side. Online applications are developed with rich engaging functionalities in browsing, mash-ups, disconnected applications and client side editing. In combination with web services, client scope is endless. These tools are highly visually appealing and customisable with 45 interface controls.

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