Open Source Social Media

Social Media is becoming an increasingly powerful medium for users to access the internet, in particular with the new addition of application browsers. Businesses also have an amplified opportunity to connect their products with potential users by targeting relevant networks. Open Source product development at Miracle Group harnesses research, by building a customised social engine sites that meet your business requirements.

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Miracle Group Offers a One Week Trial, free of cost that allows you to hire a dedicated software developer or web developer without involving a contract or any fees. During this one week your chosen developer will deliver a small desired outcome. If the developer adheres to your requirements and works to your specifications, then the next step would be to sign a contract making him/her a part of your team. If not, you are free to choose another developer, to start the process

Trial Project – we offer any portion of the outsourced software, such as function point or module which requires developing for evaluating the capabilities of the developer you have chosen as well as our working methodologies, development expertise and other relevant aspects.

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