Offshore Software Testing

We provide Software QA testing services. From our Offshore Testing Center in India
we can provide you with Agile Testing services.

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Miracle testing capabilities

Contributing to various non-functional offshore testing implementations, which include testing performance, security, compatibility and stability for verifying system characters.Improving product quality with efficiently designed operated schedules.

Automated offshore testing center with specialized tools.
Supporting software development by establishing tests and quality assurance procedures over the life cycle of Agile development.

Adapting your current procedure of testing and evaluating products developed by your team Providing testing and quality assurance solutions by employing an organized
dedicated agile team which can be modified to serve various needs.

Main advantages of an Offshore Testing Center

We comprehensively adopt an agile methodology throughout the process of offshore testing while keeping the client’s perspective in mind. Making efficient use of agile practices allows our team seamless integration.

Consistent team members and developers establish a well defined process and methodology for every client, and ensures its sustainability and regular application. This also facilitates the creation of long term partnerships between the clients and team members, and enables our enterprise to fully integrate in the client’s company, thus generating better value.

A consultant is responsible for guaranteeing the quality of a product during the execution process. They will have ample experience, superb communication and a thorough understanding of different work cultures.A blended and multilevel structure enables the team to increase or decrease in size according to the requirement of the client.
Well structured training programs enable novice engineers to develop the product, undergo offshore testing procedures and any other requirements to perfection.

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