Our global IT consulting services help organizations to transform their business and gain alignment. It’s possible to start running a serious business instead of being a simple service provider or order taking company! We call it agile transformation. If you’re prepared for this business transforming transition, then we have the knowledge and experience to provide global IT consulting and enhance business value. With the help of our agile dedicated team you’ll overcome significant problems and be prepared for new challenges!

A process aimed to change

As strong advocates of Agile practises in software development, as well as leading practitioners of Lean in IT, we recognize the potential of IT organizations to have quality breakthroughs and sustainable results by adopting a mindset that embraces change.

Miracle Group increases competitive advantage, growth and innovation by consulting technology firms in how to adopt an adaptive and collaborative approach with projects that involve software development.

Our global IT consulting is based on our observations with clients. We’ve helped organizations turn the ideas, tools and processes they use on projects into a success.

We’re ready to challenge industry norms and conventional processes, and replace them with agile project practices, advanced software tools, and training & planning techniques. We find these are all more suitable for the user’s requirements, businesses and pace of technology development.

Change is complicated. Why bother?
How we do it

Agile and Lean Transformation