People, Business And Context Are Brought Up Together In A Smart Environment By The Iot Solutions

Integrating IoT solutions in their working system has become a paramount for most of the companies across the globe. However, in order to make the most of this industrial revolution, we need to step in and give you a hand. Thus, Miracle has adopted an IoT solutions system in which we develop services such as: technical analysis of your IT infrastructure, user and market-driven project utility, benefits for your business with IoT solutions, and IoT solutions “proof of concept”.

Miracle has long lasting expertise and experience in creating mobile apps and enterprise software.
Another asset that we dispose of is creating IoT solutions and apps for wearable devices.

Smart office

Smart Office Solutions ties together the diverse pieces of your business—people, process, and systems. With Miracle you can do business faster, and build & maintain strong client relationships that drive more business. Together with iBeacon technology, and sensors, IoT and cloud software are bringing people closer and creating intelligent business solutions.

Smart Building

Smart building technology investments typically pay for themselves within one or two years by delivering energy savings and maintenance efficiency. Miracle empowers Smart Building solutions that creates safe, secure and interconnected intelligence in your building. Along with this, our solution lowers maintenance cost and enhances returns on investment.

Smart manufacturing

Keep your machines well-maintained by monitoring them via sensors and carry out a maintenance when needed with smart manufacturing solutions. In this way a schedule is not needed and you automatically cut down maintenance costs.

Smart Parking

We offer you customized smart parking solutions according to each city’s and parking lot’s requirements, and our architects work hand-in-hand with you in order to come up with a pocket-friendly easy to use smart parking solution for your drivers and your staff.

Smart Healthcare

Learn how to achieve three key outcomes of health services with smart healthcare: improved access to care, increased care quality, and reduced care costs; with revolutionizing advanced sensors connected with Internet and producing essential data on real-time.

Smart Retail

Miracle Group has the right IoT solutions to provide you the best retail selling and buying experience. For retail businesses that are new to market, but also for ones that already have the necessary experience, we offer you the best solution to attract and maintain your target customers.

Implement the Internet of Things ( IoT ) for your own business

We have great experience in developing smart mobile apps and enterprise level software solutions. We help organizations like yours to create perfect IoT solutions including apps for all kinds of wearable devices.

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