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Social networking is the current mirror of both individuals and corporate houses. In this way, online campaigning and marketing has given a new face to each and everyone’s business, on its way to success. BoonEx or Dolphin is the perfect platform that allows you to enrich and develop your social networking site, and give it an innovational look on top of that as well. This technology supports a complete un-encrypted PHP Source Code along with many other features. Dolphin is an open-source community building software from BoonEx which provides you a range of possibilities for a development of social network sites as Facebook, YouTube, My Space, Flickr etc., as well as any other community-based solution.

Our team of BoonEx Dolphin developers is up-to-date with the social web application development trends. This means that we rise to customer’s requirements and we customize social engine sites according to them, along with an exceptional user experience, and intriguing systems.

Why Dolphin

  • Diverse plugins, templates, language packs, modules, integrations and modifications

  • BoonEx recognizes the mobile as a new ideal of web-browsing

  • A complete control from top to bottom regardless of size

  • Outstanding user experience

  • Limitless extensions

What do we offer

  • Social Engine Installation

  • Social Engine MOD Development

  • Social Engine E-Store

  • Social Engine Component Customization

  • Social Engine Troubleshooting

Client Reviews

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