Bump up Your AngularJS Experience: Hire Angular 2 Developers

By / August 31, 2016 /

Angular 2.0 (beta version), a new version of AngularJS provides a range of updated features and now is the time to re-work on the present version of the app to gain benefits. The architectural limitations have been improved by Angular 2.0 and it has also fixed majority of its issues which were there in the previous application framework of JavaScript. Google claims that the beta version provides an improved speed for updating pages and has made multiple changes that are not compatible with AngularJS 1. However, Google has also built a mix tool that can be used for merging both the versions and allowing the implementation of Angular 2 in a simpler way.

angular js2

Angular 2 allows you to mix components and services from AngularJS into one application. This can be upgraded in a component or application at a time over small commits since Angular 2 allows for a richer ecosystem for development. There is even a refined striking improvement with IDE’s auto completion or text editors. Angular 2 makes it easy to write basic JavaScript and plug it into Angular. As it has made some great architectural changes, it is required to be separated from the DOM owing to the better performing server side of Angular as it runs on Node.js.

Factors that lead to the development of AngularJS 2.0

  • AngularJS 2.0 makes it easier for mobile apps to improve their performance and handle things
  • It segregates updating the application model and analyzing the state of the model considering two different phases
  • You can create great hybrid mobile apps utilizing IONIC2
  • AngularJS 2.0 is component driven so you can select the parts that you require
  • It targets ES6, therefore, it is entirely protected from workarounds or hacks that ensure the security of your business domain

The best part about AngularJS is that all its different versions are created by the same team and these are the experts that have developed AngularJS 1.0. Thus, the new version of Angular 2.0 focuses on improving and modifying the issues of the previous version. Now, it’s your decision whether you wish to stay with your current version or make a decision and utilize the benefits of budding technologies that can help you empower your business.

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