Guarantee A Seamless Employee Experience In Enterprise Apps With These 6 Tips!

By / November 24, 2016 /

An enterprise app is the one that makes the lives of employees easier. Apps for internal communication enable employees to talk with one another without having to exchange emails in bulk. Quick questions and urgent requests get dealt with in real time. Enterprise business apps improve communication, boost collaboration and offer instant access to data. This makes it easy to view the value in the business.

The process of building an enterprise app can be a challenging one. You need to consider the different features that will work best for you and how you need to implement these features to ensure agreement from your team. Here’s a list of 6 things that you should consider to ensure a smooth employee experience in enterprise apps:

Keep user experience as your chief focus: Your employees anticipate the same experience with their business apps as they have with the consumer apps. You need to consider the features that can make your app a great one. Here are some such features:

Seamless integration and security to the backend systems.

Capability to produce and accomplish tasks from anywhere.

Ability to complete the task, no matter which device your employee is utilizing- laptop, mobile, desktop.

Ability to begin on one device and end on another.

A beneficial app is the one that is intuitive and easy to use. Employees should be able to access applicable information conveniently and quickly.

Engage representatives from all departments in the main team: While making decisions regarding your app, you need to involve all members from your team. Receive feedback from them regarding the kind of features they require. Even if there is a negative feedback, you can utilize it to your advantage and decide what needs to be included or eliminated from the app. When the team is involved at every step of the app creation, you can use this to your advantage to consider what to keep and what not to keep in your app.

Offer incentives to employees: Motivating employees to begin using your app can be a struggle. Though your app may be equipped with exciting features but if your employees do not bother to use it, they won’t get to realize its benefits. If you make the adoption of your app mandatory then you may face resistance from your employees and this can make them less productive. This is where the incentives can prove to be of great help to you.

Boost engagement with leader boards: Leader board is one way to ensure that your employees are using your app. Allow the different departments to compete and you can offer incentives to the one that utilize your app the most. Once your employees begin using your app and get the hang of its different features and functionalities, they are more likely to continue using it. By using a leader board system, you can encourage your employees to win the competition and also offer them incentives to learn and utilize the app regularly.

Choose the correct platform for deployment: Creating an app is just half the battle. The main task begins when you need to deploy it and get your team to use it. Apart from creating your app, you also need to understand the strategies for introducing your app out into the real world. These include promoting your app, following up with the users, ensuring that the app grows with the change in technology, etc.

Guarantee a clean layout and a good app speed: A majority of the consumer apps are clean and simple to use. The same thing is expected by the employees from enterprise apps. Make your app easy on the eyes so that employees don’t consider it as a hassle to use. The enterprise app also needs to be quick to use with different interactions within being not more than a minute long. Offer your team the freedom to customize certain features of the app so that they can meet their personal requirements. This will also ensure that the employees can get in and out of the app as and when they need.

Every business is bound to benefit from enterprise apps as these help in organizing and managing the different business processes. These apps are bound to go a long way in the business world!

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