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The passionate team of game developers at Miracle Group are always experimenting with new technologies in order to create the next big thing! Our game development services extend across iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows, with various version compatibilities, great user experience and promised user addiction.

We offer confidentiality, 24/7 support, seamless communication and competitive pricing with our use of agile dedicated teams at Miracle Group. Moreover, because we offered tailored game development for many of our offshore partners, we have a great understanding of international trends and preferences. Our games are entertaining, educational, and original, and result from a unique approach to game development by our agile dedicated team.


Our developers use Unity’s extensive toolset to build 2D and 3D games, as well as content and animation. Applicable across mobile, desktop and consoles, we deliver high quality actionable games which keep users wanting more. Our thorough examination of user cognition and behavior helps us maximize the creativity of our mobile game applications. Our artistic and stunning visuals, combined with smart game design, ensure customers are always content with their results.


Key benefits of Unity 3D:

  • Post your game on multiple platforms over a short time period

  • Stable code

  • Minimum Memory Leaks

  • 2D and 3D games

  • Resistant to hacks


As an open source framework, Cocos2D is a very popular framework for building graphic interactive interfaces on cross platforms. The thousands of published games on App-store are written in Cocos2D and Cocos2D 3.0 are a testament to its popularity and flexibility as Apple’s native language for iOS. Our game developers at Miracle Group are used to finding unique and innovative codes, even with very simple frameworks.


Key benefits of Cocos2D:

  • Proven value with numerous top 10 App-Store apps

  • Allows experimentation

  • Chipmunk and Box2D

  • Good flexibility

  • High value

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The advantage of OpenGL lies in its performance with 2D and 3D graphics. As a cross platform application, OpenGL API directly interacts with graphics units to achieve smooth and efficient rendering. This framework is a hardware-independent software interface, and provides extensions and built in features for additional functionality. Miracle Group developers are adept in designing custom 2D and 3D OpenGL games which support client protocols and platform/ device independence.


Key benefits of OpenGL:

  • Access to the latest hardware features

  • Supported by multiple vendors

  • Abstractions (GL, GLU, GLUT)

  • High value


The Web Graphics Library (WebGL) is a web compatible framework run on JavaScript API without the use of plug ins. Although used for both 2D and 3D interactive games, web browsers are highly efficient for hardware accelerated 3D graphics in WebGL. This means our agile developers can maximize on growing industry demands for online games.


Key benefits of WebGL:

  • Visual results are independent of device configuration

  • Compatible with Javascript and HTML5

  • Supported in most modern browsers

  • Fast and Flexible

  • Hardware accelerated

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Trial Project – we offer any portion of the outsourced software, such as function point or module which requires developing for evaluating the capabilities of the developer you have chosen as well as our working methodologies, development expertise and other relevant aspects.

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