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Improved And Flexible Connectivity for a Smart Transportation

Reach out to Miracle Logistics Fleet Management Solutions for a smarter fleet monitoring and management of transportation. Miracle Solutions is powering the transportation industry with IOT and empowering enterprises worldwide. Get the fleet management solutions for a smarter management of vehicles, trucks, heavy equipment, and people. Connect managing data between sensors and systems with our Fleet Management Solutions, and improve your customer service, vehicle maintenance, fuel efficiency, driver behavior, and emergency response.


  • Real-time tracking

  • Engine Analytics

  • Vehicle and driver safety

  • Enterprise Dashboard

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction

Have A Big Idea And Don't Know How To Develop It ? With Us, Miracles Happen.

Business benefits


Cost-effectiveness: save your time and money with shipments in advance.


Better compliance: better insights for better management, and better tracking for better monitoring.


Complete control: keep an eye on driver’s behavior on the dashboard from your own office.

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