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Deployed by 1.5 M individuals in 120 countries and 26 languages, SugarCRM is one of the most popular CRM platforms in the market now. It’s commercial and open-source, making it ideal for organizations who are looking for complete solutions but don’t want to be bogged down by the narrow and restricted frameworks of purely commercial platforms. This unique advantage is enjoyed by companies of all sizes and from many industries making it even more popular, and made Miracle Group an Intranet development company worldwide.

SugarCRM has various editions which makes it popular amongst users who are looking for even more customization. Currently it offers a free open source CRM developer edition and 4 supported subscriptions. Its users are very happy with the extraordinary customer relationships it helps to create within organizations.

Miracle Group goes above and beyond these features to deploy, implement and customize SugarCRM for you. We help you develop great customer relationship management and experience growth like never before.

Enterprise Intranet Service Features

  • Customization of SugarCRM modules and layouts

  • Implementation of new features in SugarCRM

  • Support & maintenance

  • Installation and configuration

  • Custom module development

  • Custom reports development

  • Integration with other applications

  • Migration

  • SugarCRM Consulting

Business Benefits of Enterprise Intranet Development

Enterprise Intranet Services help teams with information sharing and document collaboration,
multiplying the productivity of the organization.

Reduces Cost

An obvious benefit of intranet development is the fact that it has cost-effective features. By working in a paperless environment, a company can use their intranet service to publish most of the company’s documents through the intranet Web pages.

Saves Time

An intranet service can speed up employee communication through e-mail, chat facilities and newsgroup transmissions. For example, a single e-mail can start a string of e-mails back and forth for further communications.

Increases Collaboration

Communication and collaboration form the foundation of intranet application services. Intranet services can enhance the communication and collaboration of company employees from just-in-time publishing and knowledge sharing to virtual team working.

Rich in Format

Unlike traditional paper-based documents, intranet services provide a wide variety of media types, which include audio, video, and interactive applications. These features allow users to communicate in a dynamic way and enhances the accuracy and speed of information sharing.

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Miracle Group Offers a One Week Trial, free of cost that allows you to hire a dedicated software developer or web developer without involving a contract or any fees. During this one week your chosen developer will deliver a small desired outcome. If the developer adheres to your requirements and works to your specifications, then the next step would be to sign a contract making him/her a part of your team. If not, you are free to choose another developer, to start the process

Trial Project – we offer any portion of the outsourced software, such as function point or module which requires developing for evaluating the capabilities of the developer you have chosen as well as our working methodologies, development expertise and other relevant aspects.

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