Revolutionizing The User Experience Of Large And Small Scale Technologies, Embedded
System Solutions Can Change The Face Of Countless Industries.

Embedded technology has developed at a phenomenal rate over the past decade, serving the growing desire people have to access their work and personal life in an instant. Combined with cloud support and mobility services, developers can maximize the convenience of embedded system solutions to provide fully automated and efficient services. Moreover, from the MP3 player to Smart Watches, embedded systems have revolutionized many industries. We’re constantly seeking opportunities to support businesses with their embedded development ideas in order to create innovative and unique solutions.

Over the years, Miracle Group have provided a multitude of exciting embedded system solutions across healthcare, security, retail, and transportation industries. We offer a number of solutions to your product development , from large scale industry mechanics to consumer electronics (including Android and iOS).

Benefits of working with Miracle Group:

  • Consulting Services

  • Product Coding

  • Microprocessor Designs

  • B2C and B2B marketplaces

  • Corporate Intranet

  • Online stores

  • DSP- based Designs

  • Cost Effective Services

  • Customized Solutions

  • Intelligent & Innovative Designs

  • Needs Analysis

  • Testing

We also use a variety of platforms to design and develop embedded solutions which include CAN, SPI, IOM2, PCM, GPIO, I2C and Parallel. Programming, based circuit and system design is available for microcontrollers, ASIC, electronic circuits and digital interfaces.

Embedded Technology Opportunities:

  • Operating Systems

  • Hardware Design

  • Embedded OS

  • Hardware/Software Integration

  • Languages and Development Environments

  • Processors and Controller Based Boards

  • Networking and Media Apps

  • Mobile OS

  • Protocols

  • Device Drivers

  • Test Suite Development

  • Needs Analysis

  • Testing

  • OEM Support

  • Testing and Measurement Services

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