Software Deployment

We ensure that the final product is made available to the user smoothly.

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Software Deployment

All the activities that make sure the final product reaches the user as is constitute software deployment. Since, all softwares are unique; the activities involved in deploying the same vary.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing has set itself apart from traditional software development by providing companies and personal users with a number of unique benefits. Most obviously, cloud computing offers accessibility. In combination with unique mobility services, individuals can quickly and reliably access an almost unlimited amount of data from across the globe.

In addition to an reformed approach to data access, cloud computing enable companies to grow without limitations to their infrastructure, thus making them scalable. Cloud support is also affordable and provided with a high level of security.

Cloud Support At Miracle Group

Moving over to cloud computing has a significant and positive influence on the way your company operates, however, it’s important that you choose the right developers to support you. Our use of agile practices ensures that your cloud solution comes packaged exactly as expected, with frequent iterations and feedback opportunities to help you reach your customization goals. Moreover, our team will collaborate with you, combining their experience from across hundreds of software portfolios to advise you on the right solution. We’ll guide you through:

  • Staying responsive to market trends and developments in Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud offerings.

  • Enhancing your applications to take full advantage of Cloud offerings.

  • Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) solutions.

  • Staying responsive to market trends and developments in Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud offerings.

  • Enhancing your applications to take full advantage of Cloud offerings.

  • Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) solutions.

Who we work with

Windows Azure Designed
Google- Apps- Engine
Amazon – Web – Services

Your Customize Web Database

More than often businesses are under the pressure to provide reliable servers for their increasingly complex and growing data. It takes particular expertise to balance a high performing database with succinct functionality. That’s why you should come to Miracle Group.

Our agile dedicated team is experienced in providing clients with tailored developments, ranging from open source CMS to cloud computing. With each development they collaborate and enhance solutions with the latest frameworks and technologies available, and database development is no exception.

Our people apply their knowledge of persistence frameworks and custom ORM programming to provide total coverage of your data. Our mission to our achieve innovative unique software solutions extends across security and quality assurance measures, meaning you rest with the knowledge that your information is safe.

Scenarios and cases

We consider each aspect of database development on the presentation, business and persistence layer. This includes consideration of UI and data visualisation, business logic, object related mapping and interoperability. We believe we offer unique data processing and transformation solutions, because our custom database developments are reach above and beyond the capacity of others we have seen.

Business Intelligence Databases

Data mining, KPIs calculation, OLAP cubes development, ETL execution, embedding data quality management

Database Migration

Migration processes include planning, target database preparation, migration testing and simulation, data migration and integrity verification. All are used to avoid legacy issues and reduce downtime.

Data Connectors

To support data exchange, mapping and synchronization across platforms and applications, we extend software capabilities and interlink line-of-business applications.

Database Optimisation

We test and refactor databases in order to improve performance , scalability and interoperability.

What do we value most?

By valuing Security, we can protect sensitive data and allow users to access information easily. We deliver security schema planning, user authentication, database connections and encryptions, security compliance and vulnerability assessment.
Using open source data extraction and transformation tools, we manage data quality in order to achieve structured data. Data cleansing, normalisation and mapping is achieved with ETL.

The performance of our databases are finely tuned and developed with a highly productive architecture and topology. In particular, extensive databases in need of structure rely on our structured data.

NoSQL Development Services

In the same way that enterprises are turning to custom database management to deal with large amounts of data, companies too need a method of structuring these databases. Relational database management (RDBMS) has become more difficult since increased data has led to increased databases, therefore, an organised and structured agile approach has become the superior approach.

NoSQL databases are non-relational databases that are distributed, open-source and scalable. These systems accommodate for business ecosystems that scale out into clusters like cloud support instead of vertical and/or horizontal expansion across servers. With the unlimited bandwidth available on cloud, NoSQL databases are the best solution for large amounts of data.

Nosql Consulting And Development Services

Our agile dedicated team are well practiced in supporting enterprises with data management, and finding the right solution for their business and accessibility needs. Our experience with cloud computing, open source development, and business intelligence makes us the ideal provider of NoSQL services. Additionally, our long term partnerships are a testament to the commitment of Miracle Group in understanding customer needs and finding unique solutions.

  • MongoDB – dynamic queries and rarely used statistical data

  • Dynamo DB – large data solution.

  • Cassandra – data arriving from multiple locations at high frequency.

  • CouchDB – for rapid development of accumulating and changing data.

Other Benefits Of Nosql Databases

  • Reduced development hours when creating applications.

  • Better value for money – NoSQL databases offer a much lower price point to consumers .

  • Ability to insert data without system downtime or close management.

Search Solutions

Websites can contain hundreds pages, and thousands of pieces of information. Regardless of the size or complexity, however, when users arrive on a website they expect to be able to find the information they need immediately. Ineffective search or browsing features can leave the most patient users feeling frustrated, increasing the likelihood that that individual will be lost as a customer.

Search solutions services should be placed at the top of any intranet or internet web application. In particular, care should be given to ensure search queries are closely in line with search results. Luckily, there are several new tools to reduce this problem and to increase efficiency and user experience.

  • Full text Search Engine Library

  • Full text Indexing and Search

  • Web or Enterprise Applications

  • Open Source full text Search Engine

  • Large commercial websites

  • Internal Enterprise Document Management

Apache Solr Services

The key advantage of Apache Solr Services platform is its fast delivery of e-Commerce, enterprise and website search results. Apache Solr examines each document from top to bottom and provides the most relevant search results for the search criteria. In addition to this, the platform facilitates distributed searching and multi indexing when integrated with Hadoop Technology which further reduces time.

Miracle Group developers offer a detailed analysis of existing eco-systems, Solr consultation and architecture across e-Commerice, enterprise (internal software, documents and databases) and content management Systems, and post implementation support. Our agile dedicated team primarily integrates Apache Solr search services into websites based on X-Cart, Magento, and Open Cart, and CMS based on Drupal 7 and WordPress.

Sphinx Search

Sphinx Search offers unique and flexible capabilities to suit your user needs. Its most useful feature is probably the ability to implement Sphinx as either a full text search feature or as Plugin to MySQL and PostGreSQL databases. This requires no additional data import and makes it higher flexible to user needs.

At Miracle Group, we understand and integrate Sphinx search services because of this superb user experience. We optimize the service, integrating it into existing websites and enterprise content management systems (CMS) in order to ensure users obtain high quality relevant results. Sphinx’s full text examination and optimized search functionalities make it appropriate for a number of eCommerce websites, for example, geo-distance searching is most beneficial for high volume data websites. Our agile dedicated team primarily integrates Sphinx architecture into websites based on X-Cart, Magento, and Open Cart, and CMS based on Drupal 7 and WordPress.