Custom database development is the method of managing, structuring and securing large data
quantities, without compromising performance or experience.

Your Customize Web Database

More than often businesses are under the pressure to provide reliable servers for their increasingly complex and growing data. It takes particular expertise to balance a high performing database with succinct functionality. That’s why you should come to Miracle Group.

Our agile dedicated team is experienced in providing clients with tailored developments, ranging from open source CMS to cloud computing. With each development they collaborate and enhance solutions with the latest frameworks and technologies available, and database development is no exception.

Our people apply their knowledge of persistence frameworks and custom ORM programming to provide total coverage of your data. Our mission to our achieve innovative unique software solutions extends across security and quality assurance measures, meaning you rest with the knowledge that your information is safe.

Scenarios and cases

We consider each aspect of database development on the presentation, business and persistence layer. This includes consideration of UI and data visualisation, business logic, object related mapping and interoperability. We believe we offer unique data processing and transformation solutions, because our custom database developments are reach above and beyond the capacity of others we have seen.

Business Intelligence Databases

Data mining, KPIs calculation, OLAP cubes development, ETL execution, embedding data quality management

Database Migration

Migration processes include planning, target database preparation, migration testing and simulation, data migration and integrity verification. All are used to avoid legacy issues and reduce downtime.

Data Connectors

To support data exchange, mapping and synchronization across platforms and applications, we extend software capabilities and interlink line-of-business applications.

Database Optimisation

We test and refactor databases in order to improve performance , scalability and interoperability.

What do we value most?

By valuing Security, we can protect sensitive data and allow users to access information easily. We deliver security schema planning, user authentication, database connections and encryptions, security compliance and vulnerability assessment.
Using open source data extraction and transformation tools, we manage data quality in order to achieve structured data. Data cleansing, normalisation and mapping is achieved with ETL.

The performance of our databases are finely tuned and developed with a highly productive architecture and topology. In particular, extensive databases in need of structure rely on our structured data.

Miracle Group Guarantee

Expenses from the most recent iteration (maximum two weeks) are waived in the case that a client
shows dissatisfaction with deliverables. Our company will be notified within one week.

Manage your data in the best way with Miracle's custom database development now!