Crucial Tips for Hiring Reliable Software Development Company

By / November 21, 2016 /

Finding a good software house is not an easy job. In order to hire a reliable software development company, list of factors need to be considered. Let’s consider these factors step by step.

Choose what you want to build: The first and foremost task is to understand what you want to do. Ask yourself these three questions while building a web or mobile app:

What is the motive behind building the app?

Who are your users?

On which devices should your app run?

Your mobile app serves as your business tool. Your chosen software house can provide you with sufficient knowledge about the market trends when they have an experienced team but the final call has to be yours.

Discover the platforms where you need your app: Once you finalize your group of customers, discover the devices that they use. Do they use Android, iOS or Windows Phone? Whether they use tablets or Smartphones? After knowing this, you can enquire the mobile development company if they have a team dedicated to a specific platform. Ensure that the team you’ll work with knows everything about their topic and have their skills updated.

Begin with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP): MVP is a type of prototype for your mobile app that you can utilize to get first users and see which features are required to be changed and which are required to be removed. One more reason to build an MVP is that it allows you to analyze if it is working out or not. You can begin small and then upgrade the features you find important for user experience.

Get involved: Even if you do not have any technical knowledge, you are an important part in the building process as you know the best how your final app should look like. Communicate your needs to the team so that you can see that your app is being developed as you planned.

Receive results in small packages: Whenever a mobile or a web app is developed, the process is divided into smaller parts known as sprints. This allows one to keep an eye on the process and make changes as and when needed. Ask your software house to receive results in smaller packages so that you can easily track the application development process.

Enquire about the hourly rate of your development team: A software development company that is focused on transparency with its clients tracks every minute of the designer’s and developer’s work. This lets you know precisely how much and what for do you pay.

Select between material & time and fixed prices: Time & material offers you the ability and flexibility to control every item of the process but you have to manage it tight so that the budget spending remain reasonable. Fixed prices will charge you for unpredictable problems and changes. The bigger the project, the bigger overhead you get and the more you pay. Time & material is good for both sides when you are not aware of the exact specification of the project.

Own what you are paying for: While hiring a software development company, ensure that you get full rights to the source code. In a majority of the cases, developers use open source libraries. Ensure that the cost of buying one is included in the budget of the project and you’ll get to own it. In case, the developer owns a custom library, you do not get to own it. Here you should get a royalty free license to use it.

Choose between the company and the freelancer: This depends on how big your project is. A freelancer developer is a good option if you have a smaller app without any complex functionality. This will also be a cheaper option as compared to hiring the whole team. Hiring a mobile app development company will cost you more money but you’ll get to communicate with one team which worked together on similar projects, is experienced and also has a qualified project manager who’ll ensure that everything is on schedule.

Go for a team that is big enough for your project: While finalizing a software house, see how many developers they have and how many of them will work on your project. This will ensure you that they have enough people that can develop your app. In case your project is a small one, you do not require a big software development company. You can go for a small but an experienced team.

Ask for the CVs of developers: Reviewing the CV of the developers will let you know for how long the developers have worked on mobile app development and how much of the real life experience they possess.

See if they possess an online tracking tool: Each company should have its own online tracking tool. A more advanced tool permits you to report features and bugs and also allows you to keep your invoices and agreements at one place. The tool can also allow you to check precisely the number of hours the designer or the developer has spent on a specific task. Utilizing an online tracking tool will save you a lot of time and offer you more control over the project.

The process of mobile app development is not a tough one. With the right team of developers and designers, you’ll receive better results than you might have anticipated.

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