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What is Continuous Integration (CI)

Agile Continuous Integration is an essential component of the agile approach to software development. CI can largely be considered an extension of Automated Build, with continuous and repetitive testing for each new addition to the code. However, whilst Automated Build is a process run for the benefit of an individual programmer, CI practices are used for whole team collaboration.

Unlike traditional methodologies, where testing is conducted once the entire code is submitted, agile CI requires new code to be tested immediately after it is added to the project. Waste is eliminated with this approach, meaning developers and customers alike quickly realize the changes they would like to make. For customers, this can mean dismissing ideas which don’t translate well upon implementation. For developers, this can mean quickly verifying or resolving issues to create bug free code. CI is the most effective and efficient method of running quality control whilst keeping to a schedule of events.

How does Miracle Group approach CI

At Miracle Group, new practices like CI are fully integrated into our software development because we understand how valuable agile is with regard to team collaboration and successful outcomes. CI is applied with every project, allowing maximum communication between our team members and the customer, and faster deployment to the market place.

If you’re interested to see how CI can benefit your own project or design process, then learn the right way by working with Miracle Group.

What are the benefits of CI?

  • Ensures fast detection of coding errors

  • Allows efficient collaboration between team members

  • Supports the review code process and makes code easier to modify in the future

What are the benefits of CI?

  • Reduces time and financial waste

  • Maintains great customer relations

  • Helps developers to divide and manage their workload, reducing the likelihood of further errors

Version control

Miracle Group Guarantee

Expenses from the most recent iteration (maximum two weeks) are waived in the case that a client
shows dissatisfaction with deliverables. Our company will be notified within one week.