It goes without saying that the creativity and compassion of our team is a driving force behind Miracle’s success. We nurture raw talent; encouraging independence and innovation in design. By using agile development, our team members can measure the impact of their ideas straight away.

Based on the loyalty and well being of our employees, we believe we have the best company environment in Chandigarh. At Miracle, however, we think big. That’s why we hire diverse and talented candidates, not just from across India, but from Europe and the Asian Subcontinent. This is what makes Miracle Group a primary software development company.If you’re interested in working with us, have a look at our careers page.

What matters Most to Us…

Miracle’s company culture plays a major role in building and maintaining our talented workforce. That’s why we make sure our culture attracts skilled and intelligent employees, who take pride in developing great agile software solutions across all service areas.

All of our management team have an open door policy to ensure our staff get a personal and a professional support. This can range from an input on decision making to guidance with a career trajectory.

Whether operating with global clients or within our close knit team, we offer nothing but the highest standards of honesty, integrity and accountability as an organization.

At Miracle we are able to offer expertise in a multitude of service areas to ensure our global clients are provided with their ever-changing needs. We believe the agility and willingness of our staff sets up apart other competitors.

At Miracle we take an agile approach which means all team members, no matter the size of their project contribution, collaborate closely to produce a high quality service. The skills and cultures of our employees vary greatly, meaning every individual has something new to contribute.

It is part of our vision and mission to make sure our team members have the opportunity to grow. Our staff are offered regular opportunities for self-development with weekly mentoring overseen by upper staff.

This allows them to resolve unanswered questions or pursue particular interests. Most importantly, our workforce is coached on how to view the product through the eyes of their client. This removes road blocks and making their work seamless and enjoyable.

Additionally, at Miracle we like to nurture the growth of our future designers and developers. This year we will be introducing a brand new range of training programs to help young people obtain professional certification.

Why do Clients choose Us ?

Our Expert Developers
Project Governance
Competitive Pricing
Agile Development Practices
Performance Based Contracts
Seamless Communication