Build Operate Transfer

Our BOT model helps businesses stand on their own two feet and take the right
path when establishing and growing a product.

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Beyond the service provided by our Offshore Development Center Miracle Group offers an even more extensive involvement with the Build Operate Transfer (BOT) model. This approach provides you with a thorough foundation of training and assistance in order to guide you through your product development journey and establish your business in the local market.

With the BOT model you‘ll be provided with a foundation of support to help you establish and grow your own facility. Our team will provide local
partners to help you establish your business and coach your team in the operations of your subsidiary until a negotiated time period. Once expired, all operations will be handed over to you!

Our involvement from there on is entirely up to you. Our Build Operate Transfer team will ensure you feel ready to take on the task by providing assets, staffing and training. From our experience of optimizing IT organizations, we’re able to gauge how much support a business may need. Future solutions that we provide are extremely flexible, involving total, partial or minimal involvement from our side.

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