Big Data Analytics

In the same way that employees derive comfort from organized human resources management, or businesses require structured enterprise content management to streamline their global reputation, it’s essential for companies to manage their large scale data.

As companies grow, so does the data that they’re required to handle and draw upon. Big data requires organization, easy access, and most of all an efficient platform for analysis. In order for companies to assure clients of their capabilities and efficiency, they must be able to provide excellent big data analytics solutions.

Standard data management tools rarely have the capacity for quickly expanding enterprises. For this reason, companies turn to providers of big data analytics solutions to manage their complex data. New technology, known as Distributed Processing Systems, warehouse bulky data and provide a structure for it to be analysed or used for business intelligence solutions. That is why we provide big data analytics solutions at Miracle Group.

Our big data analytic solutions are suitable for a variety of businesses, from e-commerce and job portals to large scale research. Our service provides a critical analysis of your information, and intelligent insights into your costs in order to inform your business decisions. Other major uses include:

  • Risks modeling

  • Advertisement targeting

  • User Experience insights

  • Fraud analysis

  • Log analysis


Easy data access


Real-time observations


Premium business intelligence


Increased speed of delivery


Cost effective solutions


Easy data access


Great CRM


Analysis and insights


Data management and retrieval

Miracle Group Analytic Service Technologies

We provide in-depth analytical solutions and services, including strategy and design, concepts and deployment, business process analytics, and operational support. Our experienced team is equipped with a diverse range of tools to meet your business expectations. This includes Hadoop, Hbase, Hive, Pig, Ozee, Scoop, Thrift, Soir and Impala for our business intelligence analysis, and Pantaho to manage results and produce reports.

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